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dubturbo download torrentUnfortunately there are no available safe Dubturbo torrent files, keygens or serials that work. There is however a secret discount page the Dubturbo website have left up from when they launched Dubturbo 2.0

For more information check out the Dubturbo discount page. Includes extra kits, samples and all 5 VST’s – $400 Value Free!

Beware Of Unsafe Dubturbo Torrents On Torrent Sites!

There has been a lot of talk in music forums about people downloading Dubturbo torrent files only to find it’s either one of 3 things –

  1. Fake
  2. The software with no verification key which = no good.
  3. Or a .exe file that contains harmful viruses.

Now we’ve done a lot of searching over the last few months on sites like isohunt.com piratebay.org and similar torrent sites and found no Dubturbo torrent that was safe. Best advice I can give is to not risk downloading it from anywhere other than the official site.

This means you have to actually spend your money, but good news is there is the discount as mentioned above. I know I would rather save money using the discount link than downloading a dubturbo torrent file that destroys my computer.

The choice is yours but do be careful!

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  1. Bummer

    I looked around for a free trial but couldn’t find any 🙁
    Since the torrents are fake and you have no free download can you throw me a coupon or discount?

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